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Wallpaper – You’ve got this

Wallpaper – You've got this

For this week’s wallpaper I took some time to letter the phrase you’ve got this from a lettering challenge called #strokeswithlovejanuary from @swinlove. The challenge comes with a lot of really nice phrases and there are many people participating. If you would like to see more, go check it out #strokeswithlove or #strokeswithlovejanuary on Instagram. But I think it is always great to remind oneself that; You’ve got this.

Remember; You’ve got this

On top of my letter case on my table, I have a card with the words “you’ve got this”. I love this card and I have looked at it many times when. In moments when you feel like you need some motivation, when you are a little down or tired, these few words can make a difference. Because they make one smile.

So you’ve got this is a really nice phrase to have popping up on your screen the moment you turn on your computer or phone, because it is so uplifting. In case no one has told you today, well let me do it with this wallpaper; Whatever comes your way, don’t worry ’cause you’ve got this! As always I made three versions for you for desktop, tablet and smartphone.

In case you’d prefer to have a print of the phrase you’ve got this, you can use the desktop wallpaper and print a version to hang on your wall or have as postcard reminder on your desk.

Wishing you all a happy week and remember; you’ve got this!


Download free desktop wallpaper – You've got this Download free tablet wallpaper – You've got this Download free smartphone wallpaper – You've got this

Hooray! The wallpaper you’ve got this got featured on the Blog Blazers and Blue Jeans in the March 2016 Wallpaper Round up


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