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Wallpaper for March 2017

It is time for a new wallpaper since we are about to start the new month of March. Those who follow us on Instagram already saw a little preview of the lettering of this month’s wallpaper but not the finished version. So here is for you now the new wallpaper for March 2017 with a hand lettered phrase and spring snowflakes. At the end of the post you can download a version for the tablet, desktop and phone. 

Short look back at February

February came with several free goodies that we created. The first was our monthly wallpaper Wallpaper for February 2017, the second the Valentine’s Day card, tags and wrapping paper and the Printable Valentine’s Day cards and envelopes, which we created as part of a guest post for Proper Post. We hope that you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, that is, of course, only if you celebrate it.

In the images you can also see a long quote that was an extract from a book, Rising Strong by Brené Brown, which we were reading over at the @bookletteringclub. The new book will be announced soon. If you are interested to join, you can check out the account @bookletteringclub on Instagram. Anyone is welcome. You can also see an image in the selection if highlights below, which was a collaboration post on Instagram with @wood_my_mood. You can check out their beautiful wood notebooks on their website. The other posts are letterings from our Instagram account, sending some happy thoughts and love out to the world.

Wallpaper for March 2017 with spring snowflake and letters

This month’s wallpaper is again with a hand lettering piece created with the iPad. The letters were written using the Apple Pencil and the application Adobe Draw. I also used the iPad to illustrate the spring snowflake flowers and the colored background.  We hope that you will enjoy this month’s wallpaper and wish you a great month of March!


Download free desktop wallpaper – March 2017 Download free tablet wallpaper – March 2017 Download free smartphone wallpaper – March 2017

Both our January 2017  wallpaper and our March 2017 wallpaper got featured on  The Chic Type Blog in the January 2017 – Wallpaper Round-Up and in the March 2017 – Wallpaper Round-Up. You can find a lot of beautiful wallpapers on that site.

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