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Wallpaper for January 2017

A new year has started. A new year with new hopes, dreams and adventures. Even with all the dramatic changes around the world, we hope for a year with happier news and with more love, kindness and compassion. Our wallpaper for January 2017 comes with the hand lettered phrase “today will be awesome” because that is exactly what we wish you. At the end of the post you can download, just like in the past year, a version for the tablet, desktop and phone. 

Short look back at December

December passed so fast. It was a month filled with a lot of work, a lot of things to organize, with happy and sad news. But it was also, as every December, a month were everything was a little quieter, a little kinder and a little more contemplative. We have felt very grateful for the fact that our families are well and healthy, that we have met so many wonderful people during the past year and for having the opportunity to work on a dream of creating something that we love and that people might love, too. We said goodbye to the past year and welcomed a new year with new hopes, dreams and ideas and we are looking forward to sharing the adventures of this new year with you. Below I selected some highlights from the month December from Instagram. You can click on the images to jump to the posts on Instagram and read a little more.

Elements of the wallpaper for January 2017 crated with the iPad

This month’s wallpaper is special, because the elements were created on an iPad. I am diving into the world of iPad lettering and illustrating and I am super happy about this new opportunity for digital creations. The elements of the pattern and the lettering where created with the application Adobe Draw on the iPad. The adjustments were done on the computer. But maybe with more practice they could be completely created with the iPad. The other application I have been working with is Procreate, but I am at the very beginning and am learning a lot. But we hope that you might enjoy what we already created for you.


Download free desktop wallpaper – January 2017 Download free tablet wallpaper – January 2017 Download free smartphone wallpaper – January 2017

We are very happy to tell you, that our January 2017 wallpaper got featured on  The Chic Type Blog in the January 2017 – Wallpaper Round-Up

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