Welcome to Apartment 406 Designs

Hello everyone! Welcome to Apartment 406 Designs!

We are super happy that you are here and want to welcome you to the new page Apartment 406 Designs! In our last post you can get some more information about our new name and the changes. If you find any mistakes on the page of if anything is not working correctly, please let us know at – Welcome to Apartment 406 Designs!

Change is good!

Of course change is also always hard and sad because change usually means, that you say good-bye to something. And change can also mean that something bad happened. But here I am talking about the change that you make or that you decided to do. A change to try something new or to adjust something that you might have outgrown or that you have finally been able to define. The upside to change is, that you always say hello to something new and hopefully wonderful! The new name and the new page came with many changes, but we are excited about them and hope that you’ll like them, too!

New store on Society6

We opened a store on Society6 to complement our Etsy store.There are still only few products in the store, but we are working on filling it. On Etsy we offer digital files in the form of PDF files, which you can either print at home or in your favorite copy shop. On  Society6 you can get our designs on actual products like cups or prints. Since the requirements for the sizes of our designs are different to our Etsy shop, we are still working on preparing some of our exiting designs and new ones for Society6. While we work on that we would like to invite you to keep checking in on Society6.

All of our products have handmade elements. Either lettering, watercolor or vectorized pencil illustrations or patterns. To a few we also add fonts that have a handmade character and that goes well with our handmade elements.

More hand lettering

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen, that hand lettering has become a huge part of my creative journey. And I am totally hooked and I love it! I started in October 2015 and have been integrating the handwritten words and phrases into our products. Around the same time I also started to make more watercolor and pencil drawings. Everything with the purpose to create unique cards and prints.

But since many people are interested in lettering right now, I want to share more about that journey; how I started lettering, the materials that I use and courses that I like and people I recommend to follow.

Thank you for being part of our journey!

To wrap this post up, we want to sincerely thank you for being part of our journey and tell you how grateful we are for every single one of you! We are very happy to see you here!  Welcome to Apartment 406 Designs!

Welcome to Apartment 406 Designs
Flying colorful confetti: Birthday vector designed by Freepik

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