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Wallpaper for May 2017

It’s almost May and we created a new wallpaper for you. At the end of the post you can download the new Wallpaper for May 2017 for your desktop, tablet and phone. 

Highlights of the past months March and April

For a long time we had been working on the redesign of our brand and were so excited to launch the new Apartment 406 Designs redesign look in the beginning of April. With that we also changed the look of all our shops and social canals. You are very welcome to check our Etsy store or society6 shop or any of our social media accounts (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter).

We also did a wonderful collaboration with Dashingletters which you can check out in our latest post Collaboration of Dashingletters and Apartment 406 Designs. Check out her gorgeous work on Instagram or her Etsy shop.

In the following images you can see some of our posts from Instagram from the past month. Just click on the image and you will get to the post with some background information about the image.

Wallpaper for May 2017 with ranunculus and lettering

The letters were created with my iPad in Procreate, using the beautiful new brush by Megan, from Lefty Script. Check out her wonderful work on her site, her Etsy shop and Instagram. The Procreate brush I used is called Farmhouse. You can buy it in her shop.

I drew the flowers with watercolors and arranged them digitally to create a pattern and change the colors. The result is this month’s wallpaper which you can download for the desktop, tablet and phone.


Download free desktop wallpaper – May 2017
Download free tablet wallpaper – May 2017
Download free smartphone wallpaper – May 2017

Our May 2017 wallpaper got featured on  The Chic Type Blog in the May 2017 – Wallpaper Round-Up. You can find a lot of beautiful wallpapers on that site.


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