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Wallpaper for July 2017

This month I am a few days late with our monthly wallpaper, but here it is. At the end of this post you can download the new Wallpaper for July 2017 for your desktop, tablet and phone. 

More highlights of the past months coming soon

The past month(s) have been very exhausting and full of things for us. This is why we will skip the overview of the last month for this post and will share even more highlights of all that has happened lately in our next post for the month of August.

Wallpaper for July 2017 with an ice cream pattern

The illustrations of the ice cream pattern were again created with my iPad Pro in Procreate and the pattern arranged digitally. The summer has been both warm and rainy with cold winds, but we thought ice cream is always a good idea. So here is for you the ice cream pattern for the desktop, tablet and phone.


Download free desktop wallpaper – July 2017 Download free tablet wallpaper – July 2017 Download free smartphone wallpaper – July 2017

Our June 2017 wallpaper got featured on  The Chic Type Blog in the June 2017 – Wallpaper Round-Up. You can find a lot of beautiful wallpapers on that site.


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