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Wallpaper for February 2017

January passed so fast and we cannot believe it’s February already. But here it is, the new month and with it a new free wallpaper for you. Our wallpaper for February 2017 comes with the hand lettered phrase “oh, what a lovely day” in combination with a photo we took of some lovely flowers. At the end of the post you can download a version for the tablet, desktop and phone. 

Short look back at January

The month of January has been shaped with lots of doubts and fears concerning this little business adventure and therefore our little business stagnated a little. But we are working through it and want to have a lot of new products and designs for you soon. We have done more freelance jobs in the past month and have worked with collaborations. But we want to focus again more on creating products with letters, love and illustrations. Meanwhile we want to invite you to follow us on Instagram where we always share some product, news or lettering posts. You can click on either of these images below to jump to the post on Instagram and read the short captions for the images.

Wallpaper for February 2017 with photo and letters

This month’s wallpaper is again with a hand lettering piece created with the iPad. The letters were written using the Apple Pencil and the application Adobe Draw. In the computer we then added the letters to a photo. The photo is a shot of a lovely bouquet of flowers I had in the living room. We adjusted the photo to give it a vintage look and then put together all the elements.  We hope that you will enjoy this month’s wallpaper and wish you a wonderful February!


Download free desktop wallpaper – February 2017 Download free tablet wallpaper – February 2017 Download free smartphone wallpaper – February 2017


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