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Wallpaper – Earth laughs in flowers

The beautiful phrase Earth laughs in flowers comes from Ralph Waldo Emerson. I used it to create a free wallpaper and a free 8.5×11″ print for you. You can download the print sheet and the wallpaper for your computer, phone or tablet at the end of this post.

Earth laughs in flowers

That is such a beautiful poetic phrase. And it is so true. Flowers come in so many colors and shapes and they are so beautiful to look at. I cannot count all the photos that I have of flowers. Especially here in Colombia you just keep stumbling upon amazing flowers; on the way to the supermarket, when you take a hike or simply when you walk by a flower stall. And of course the kinds are so different than what I know from Germany and since here it is spring/summer all year long, they bloom all year long.

So when I thought about what to create for this freebie, I just googled the word spring and all these beautiful flowers and phrases appeared and among those was this one; Earth laughs in flowers by Ralph Waldo Emerson. And I loved it right away. So I created this wallpaper and printable in a color mix that feels like spring to me. I hope you’ll like it!


Some beautiful works of other artists

When I was researching the phrase, I found various versions of it. I went with the one that you find in these freebies. But when I was checking the versions that existed, I found works of some amazing artists with the phrase Earth laughs in flowers or The Earth laughs in flowers. Check out this modern calligraphy print from Barchen on Etsy. Or you can buy this beautiful chalk lettered print from Lily & Val on their website.  You can also buy the floral design of Cat Coquillette printed on a huge variety of different products on Society6. Today you get free worldwide shipping on Society6. We are still working on more layouts for our Society6 store, but of course you are very welcome to also check out our store.


Download free desktop wallpaper – Earth laughs in flowers
Download free tablet wallpaper – Earth laughs in flowers
Download free smartphone wallpaper – Earth laughs in flowers
Download free 8,5 x 11 print Earth laughs in flowers

Hooray! The wallpaper “Earth laughs in flowers” got featured on the Blog Blazers and Blue Jeans in the April 2016 Wallpaper Round up

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