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How to take process videos for Instagram with Hyperlapse

In today’s post I am going to share with you how I take process videos for Instagram of my letterings or illustrations. There are many different ways to do this but I am going to share with you my way. In this post you will see my set-up, the products I use as well as the adjustments I do for my process videos for Instagram.

Set-up to take process videos for Instagram

In the image above and below you can see my set-up. In the image above I marked where you can see what and in the image below you can see some some details zoomed in. My table is white, which already gives my videos a bright background. The phone holder is attached to a little shelf I have on my table. If you have a table that is a little unstable, it is even better if you could attach your holder to something that is not attached to the table itself. That way, if you move the table while you work, the camera doesn’t shake. Since my table is pretty stable the little shelf-set-up has worked fine. The place where you attach your holder also depends on how you would like the angle of your video to be. I like when you can see my whole page, so I put my phone holder in the top of my shelf.

The phone holder

A big thank you to the inspiring Frau Hölle for sharing the information about the phone holder she was using for her Periscope videos a while back. I really liked it and I found a similar phone holder. Unfortunately, the exact phone holder that I bought does not seem to be available anymore, but you can check out the following links of holders that look very similar: Universal Schwanenhals HandyHalter, BESTEK universal Handyhalter or Langarm universal Halterung für Handys. Those are links from amazon.de. Here are also a few similar phone holders from amazon.com: ZTON Cell Phone HolderGoldenwide 360-degree Rotating Universal Flexible Long Arms Mobile Phone Holder or ITART Plastic Flexible Long Arms Universal Cell Phone Holder.

Hyperlapse and things to keep in mind for setting up the phone

There are some things to keep in mind when you set up your phone for recording. First, for my recordings I use the application HyperlapseHyperlapse creates time lapse videos which is perfect to take process videos for Instagram. After recording your work, you can choose how much you want to speed up your videos 1x, 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x or 12x. The application shows you how long your caption originally was and how long it will be depending on the speed you chose. My lettering and illustration videos usually don’t take longer than 12 minutes. That way, by speeding them up 12x, my videos still fit into the one minute time frame that Instagram offers. If you take really long process videos, you can always speed them up with Hyperlapse, but they might end up being longer that the one minute time frame of Instagram. So you might need to turn it into two videos or use another program to adjust the video for Instagram. I have also read that there is a

I usually record my videos vertical, because I can better imagine the square that I will have afterwards in Instagram. But both ways work, so you can try out if you prefer to cut the top and bottom of your video or the sides. In the following image I am trying to show what I mean. The striped area I drew is the one that will be cut, because Instagram shows squared videos.

Hyperlapse only available for iPhone

Since I own an iPhone I have only used Hyperlapse for my recordings so far. But as someone was so kind to point out, it is not available for Android. So I researched and found this article 5 Hyperlapse Alternatives For Android as well as this YouTube Video from 2015 comparing Hyperlapse with Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile. The last one seems to be the most similar to Hyperlapse, so I tested it on a friend’s phone. So if you are an Andriod user you can check out the ew post Quick test of Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile for Instagram process videos.

Instagram adjustments after recording your Hyperlapse video

After recording my Hyperlapse video, I open it in Instagram. Usually, because I have a white table and a lot of natural light, the video is not so dark to begin with. But because I like them even brighter, I use the second Instagram filter called “Clarendon” to make the video brighter. Sometimes I also choose “Juno” or “Lo-Fi”. It depends on with which filter I like the brightness better. If necessary I trim the video a little and then I choose my cover image.

All done

That’s it. That is how I do most of my videos. Afterwards I also take a photo of the lettering and share both the process video and a photo of the lettering. Click on the image below to go the process video of the lettering that you can see in this image.

If you have any questions you are always welcome to write me an email hello@apartment406designs.com.

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