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Quick test of Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile for Instagram process videos

This article is a follow-up of the article How to take process videos for Instagram with Hyperlapse. In that article I shared how I take process videos for Instagram of my letterings or illustrations using Hyperlapse. Since Hyperlapse is an application that is only available for iOS devices, I looked for an alternative for those of you who use an Android phone. So for this article I tested the application Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile.

Where to find more details on our usual video set-up

In the How to take process videos for Instagram with Hyperlapse you can find details on how I set up my phone and which phone holder I am using to take my videos. So check out that article for those details. Since I own an iPhone one of my friends was so kind to let me install and test the application Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile on his Samsung NOTE 4. So to try the Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile I only had a little window of time and I wasn’t at my work desk, so the angle and set up is different to my usual videos, as you can see in the blog post photo. But the focus for this article for me was to check if I can recommend Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile as an alternative to Hyperlapse and if the process I shared works with that application as well.

Record new or import a video

In the following photo you can see that the application Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile allows you to either import a video or to record a new one. With Hyperlapse for iOS you can only record new videos and not import existing videos. So that is something very nice in Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile.

Speed options and object position

For this test I recorded the video in a horizontal position. You can speed up the video from 1x to 32x times the normal speed (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x or 32x). With both Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile and Hyperlapse you have to keep in mind, that your video will be cut to a squared format in Instagram.

When I tried to load the video from Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile to Instagram using my friend’s phone I could not move it from site to side, so only the centre part was visible. When I opened the same video on my iPhone I was able to move it to the left or right (or if you film from a vertical position you should be able to move it up or down). I am not sure if that has to do with the device but to be safe I would always plan that only the centre of your video will be visible in Instagram as shown in the other image.

Instagram adjustments after recording your Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile video

You can check out the adjustments I usually do in the in Instagram in the blog post How to take process videos for Instagram with Hyperlapse. For this video I tried out several filters and in the end adjusted the brightness in another application, because it was very dark when I filmed. Usually I only use the “Clarendon” filter. Here I used the filter called “Ludwig” with 50%. Then you can trim the video and choose a cover.

Wrap-up Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

So that is my short test of the application Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile for Android as an alternative for Hyperlapse for iOS, which in my opinion works wonderfully for creating Instagram process videos. As I mentioned before, I just did a quick try-out with a friend’s phone, since I own an iPhone, but Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile seems to me like a great alternative to Hyperlapse. To see the process video taken with Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobil, you can click on the image below.

If you have any questions you are always welcome to write me an email hello@apartment406designs.com.

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