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October 2016 wallpaper

For the October 2016 wallpaper I created and digitized a lettering piece. This time there is no calendar included, but as always you will get a version for the tablet, desktop and phone. You can download all the wallpapers at the end of this post. 

Short look back at September

During the month of September we worked a lot for freelance projects. Therefore we didn’t get around to creating new products for the shops but one “you are amazing” postcard, which is available in our Etsy store. But we hit a milestone on Instagram with 2000 followers and had a few specials going on, including a time limited offer to download our new Etsy postcard for free, a 2k Giveaway and some free thank you tags and sunflower wrapping paper. We also joined a new lettering challenge which has been super fun. You can see our posts by checking the hashtag #ls_dailychallengesbymirjana on Instagram. For all of you who don’t now yet, we are also on Facebook now. So come visit us on Facebook! And of course come follow us on Instagram to never miss our giveaways or special offers in our stores on Etsy or Society6.


October 2016 wallpaper with leaves and lettering

I created the lettering for this wallpaper with a brush pen. You can see the black lettering in the first photo below. My favorite brush pen is from the dutch store Tiger. It comes in a pack of two. One has a big tip and one a medium sized tip. Sadly the pack has been sold out for a while. Every time someone I know tried to buy me the pens, they told me later that they had been sold out. I hope so much that Tiger will sell them again soon. This piece was created with the medium size brush pen. I scanned the original piece and added colors digitally, as well as leaves that I drew with watercolors a while back.  We hope that you will enjoy this month’s wallpapers!




Download free desktop wallpaper – October 2016
Download free tablet wallpaper – October 2016
Download free smartphone wallpaper – October 2016


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