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November 2016 wallpaper

For the November 2016 wallpaper I worked with one of my photos and some tablet lettering and illustrating. This month’s wallpaper comes with a calendar and a version for the tablet, desktop and phone. You can download all the wallpapers at the end of this post. 

Short look back at October

During the month of October we worked a lot for freelance projects, participated in several auctions to help with different causes and created new products for our Etsy store. We also got invited to participate in a wonderful giveaway with a lot of talented artists and we have worked on a few new collaborations that we will be able to share later. We also joined several lettering challenges and an entrepreneur challenge which has been very fun and inspiring. Check it our by clicking on .We would love for you to follow us on Instagram to never miss our giveaways or special offers in our stores on Etsy or Society6. Here are a few Instagram posts from the past months. Just click on the image to go to Instagram and read a little more what they are about.



 img_2972collage-1 img_3055

New products

We have been working very hard on new products in the Etsy store. So I am going to share here a few of them. Also, we want to thank every one of you who supports our little business with a purchase of our products. That means the world to us, so thank you so, so much!



November 2016 wallpaper with leaves, snowflakes and lettering

For this month’s wallpaper I tried out lettering and illustrating directly on my Wacom tablet. So the lettering and little illustrations were created digitally. I added a photo of mine with shrubs and fog to give the background some texture. The orange colors gives a fall touch. We hope that you will enjoy this month’s wallpapers!



Download free desktop wallpaper – November 2016 Download free tablet wallpaper – November 2016 Download free smartphone wallpaper – November 2016


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