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Mother’s Day gift wrapping

This week’s free wrapping paper is for Mother’s Day, which is coming up next Sunday. At the end of this post you can download two print sheets. One print sheet is a Mother’s Day gift wrapping paper and the other one is for a card and tags.

Free print sheet for Mother’s Day gift wrapping

For these free print sheets, I have been experimenting with lettering on a Wacom tablet. It’s a different feeling and yet I am impressed about how much you can create digitally. The nice part is, that it doesn’t involve as many steps as it does to digitize my lettering. Usually, I first letter the phrase with a pencil, then I trace the pencil lettering with a (brush) pen, then I scan my work and then I work on it with my graphic programs. Using the tablet on the other hand, I work directly on a digital file, which is kind of cool. I hope that you will enjoy what I made for you.

Mother's Day gift wrapping 2

Easy steps to get your tags ready:

  1. Print the sheet with the “happy Mother’s Day” tags
    (preferably on thicker paper e.g. 150 g/m2)
  2. Cut along the outline
  3. Punch out the circle mark
  4. Cut a piece of twine or ribbon
  5. Attach the tag wherever you like

Products from our stores

If you are still looking for a gift, you can check out the products available for Mother’s Day in our Etsy store and in our store on Society6. In our Etsy store you can get a printable “best Mom ever” card or a small-scale poster for the “…most wonderful Mom…”. If you prefer an actual product, like the “best Mom ever” cup or the “best Mom ever” card (among many other products), you can check out the available products in the “best Mom ever” collection in our store on Society6. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday!

Mother's Day gift wrapping 4



Download free 8,5 x 11 Mother's Day gift wrapping print sheet Download free 8,5 x 11 Mother's Day card and tags print sheet


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