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May 2016 wallpaper

A new month has begun; Welcome May! And for the beginning of this month I created a new free wallpaper for your computer, tablet and phone. This May 2016 wallpaper comes in English and German (so you can download either May 2016 or Mai 2016) and for the first time it also comes with a monthly calendar. Scroll down to the end of the post to find the download links for all May 2016 wallpapers. 

Short look back at April

Many things happened in April and it has been a wonderful and very exhausting month. We had our first Giveaway together with three wonderful artists; Stef from @alittleleafy, Jana from @wordfindersclub and Sarah from @yarnlovin, also, my brother came to visit all the way from Germany, we went to birthday and wedding celebrations and worked a lot. So I am very much looking forward to having more quiet time this month. What have you been up to in April?

May 2016 wallpaper with lilacs

According to the flowers by month article on LoveToKnow, one of the plants that blooms in May is the lilac. I love almost all flowers but the smell of lilacs is among the ones I love the most. We have always had a lilac tree in the garden at my parent’s house and I have always loved it. My mom would cut off some flowers and put them in a vase on the couch table. Which is why around this time of the year, the living room would smell like lilacs. So for this month wallpaper I made some watercolor illustrations of lilacs. I hope you enjoy it and I wish you a wonderful May!

May 2016 Wallpaper_2


Download free desktop wallpaper – May 2016
Download free desktop wallpaper – Mai 2016
Download free tablet wallpaper – May 2016
Download free tablet wallpaper – Mai 2016
Download free smartphone wallpaper – May 2016
Download free smartphone wallpaper – Mai 2016

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