Leaving the old year 2016 behind

Leaving the old year 2016 behind – A Colombian New Year´s tradition

In this post I would like to share a Colombian New Year’s tradition. It’s the tradition of burning the old year. The old year is represented by a human sized doll, which is usually made of cardboard, sawdust and cloth. This year we also burned a doll (but a mini version), leaving the old year 2016 behind.

Leaving the old year 2016 behind by burning an “Old Year” doll

There are several other Colombian traditions for New Year’s which you can read about in this article. But the one I have seen and heard of the most is the one of burning dolls that represent (the bad things of) the past year. The doll we had for New Year’s was a present and was designed by Vida Pura. Here you can check out their Facebook page or their Instagram profile.

Some thoughts on the past year 2016

The past year has had a lot of awful and sad news. But it has still been a special year for us and our business dream. So for the next year we hope for more happy news, more compassion and kindness. And of course for many more business adventures. And those and many more thoughts and hopes were the ones we wrote down.

The doll kit to leave behind the old year 2016

In the image you probably saw the “Old Year” doll kit already. It came with a little burn bucket, alcohol, a lighter, twine, little paper sheets to write down what you want to leave behind from the past year and what you wish for the next, a pen, little instructions, the story and the “Old Year” doll.

The story and the instructions

The little story says the following (freely translated by Apartment 406 Designs):
“Now is the last month of the year, it’s the moment to remeber everything that has happened in the past eleven months and realize that you are not the same person you were before. Many people crossed your path, some stayed and others were just like shooting starts that were meant to teach you something, make you stronger or happier. Now is the moment to be thankful for all that has happened. The good things that leave us with a happy memory and the not so good things that leave us with a big lesson.”

And the instructions include the following steps:

  1. Fill in the page with your gratitudes and things to leave behind of 2016 and the page for the wishes for 2017
  2. Knot the page with the gratitudes to the doll
  3. Place the doll in the bucket and pour the alcohol over the doll
  4. Light the doll and while it burns read the page with your wishes for 2017
  5. Save the page of your wishes for 2017 somewhere where you can always look at it and remember the wishes

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