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June 2016 wallpaper

Happy June to you all! For the June 2016 wallpaper we used a photo and added some little doodles and a calendar. You can get an English and a German version for your desktop at the end of this post. With this layout we also participated in the monthly wallpaper contest of Smashing Magazine and we got featured! So you can find a variety of other sizes of our wallpaper in their article Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: June 2016. You can find various sizes with the calendar in English for June 2016 or without a calendar. For the contest our wallpaper is called “Almost summer”. We are super excited that it is displayed among all those wonderful artists, so go check them all out: Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: June 2016!

Short look back at May

We have been traveling in May and I am thinking about sharing some photos of the gorgeous place that we went to called Guachaca. It’s a little piece of paradise on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. I was speechless when I saw it, because it’s so beautiful! I had never before seen a forest of palm trees, nor so many lizards in so many colors. Check out the amazing pictures of Gemma Pranita in her article You better call Tayrona! on her blog Gemma Peanut Gallery to get an idea of the beauty of the place. To get to know the Caribbean coast of Colombia I also recommend checking out the website of the Lonely Planet of the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

June 2016 wallpaper with doodles

This month our wallpaper only comes for the desktop. But we still hope that you will enjoy it! It’s a photo that we took in the garden of a country house in Guarne (Colombia) combined with some doodles, the handwritten words June or Juni and a calendar. As mentioned above, this wallpaper got featured in the article Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: June 2016 of, so in the article you will find many more sizes and version to download with and without a calendar for June 2016.


Download free desktop wallpaper – June 2016
Download free desktop wallpaper – Juni 2016

Also, check out the timeless wallpaper Earth laughs in flowers or the timeless version of the wallpaper “Almost summer” on


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