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Father’s Day gift wrapping

Sunday is Father’s Day! In Germany we already celebrated Father’s Day a while back but for all of you who are going to celebrate it on Sunday, here are some printable freebies that you can use. At the end of this post you can find a download link for a print sheet for Father’s Day gift wrapping paper and another download link for a print sheet for a card and tags. You will also find some products from our shops that are great for Father’s Day or any other day that you would like to tell your dad that he is the best dad ever. 

Creating the Father’s Day gift wrapping print sheets

As you can see in this photo, I first lettered all the words for the freebies. Then I scanned the pages to compose the wrapping paper and the card/tags on the computer. The phrases were written with black ink and the Derwent Waterbrush Pen No.1. In the photos below you can see some of my work in progress for the freebies and for new products for our Etsy shop as well as the finished Father’s Day gift wrapping paper and card/tag.

Father's Day gift wrapping6

Father's Day gift wrapping2


Multipurpose tags and paper

The wrapping paper says “best Dad ever” so you can use it any time you would like to tell your Dad that he is the best. The tags and the card say “Happy Father’s Day”, so those only work for Father’s Day. But, you can use the tags for many products. You can use them for your wrapped surprise, for dad’s favorite beer, his favorite spice mix, snacks or favorite Barbecue sauce. The photos show a jar with lego stones and our black sauce bottle with the”Happy Father’s Day” tag to give you an idea of how you could use it.

Father's Day gift wrapping11

Father's Day gift wrapping3

Easy steps to get your tags ready:

  1. Print the sheet with the “Happy Father’s Day” tags
    (preferably on thicker paper e.g. 150 g/m2)
  2. Cut along the outline
  3. Punch out the circle mark
  4. Cut a piece of twine or ribbon
  5. Attach the tag wherever you like

Products from our stores

If you are still looking for a gift, you can check out the products available for Father’s Day in our Etsy store and in our store on Society6. In  our Etsy store you can get a printable “best Dad ever” card or a small-scale poster for the “…most wonderful Dad…”. If you prefer an actual product, like the “best Dad ever” cup or the “best Dad ever” card (among many other products), you can check out the available products in the “best Dad ever” collection in our store on Society6.

Also, until Sunday, 19th of June, 2016 (Father’s Day) you get a 20% discount at checkout on all of our Etsy products using the coupon code DAD2016.

Have a wonderful Father’s Day on Sunday!

Father's Day gift wrapping12


Download free 8,5 x 11 Father's Day gift wrapping print sheet Download free 8,5 x 11 Father's Day card and tags print sheet

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