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Freebies Wallpaper

December 2016 wallpaper

Can you believe it’s December already? The past month just passed so fast with our amazing Peru trip (maybe you saw some images in the stories of our Instagram account), but of course I made a new free wallpaper…

Freebies Wallpaper

November 2016 wallpaper

For the November 2016 wallpaper I worked with one of my photos and some tablet lettering and illustrating. This month’s wallpaper comes with a calendar and a version for the tablet, desktop and phone. You can download all the wallpapers at the end of…

Freebies Wallpaper

October 2016 wallpaper

For the October 2016 wallpaper I created and digitized a lettering piece. This time there is no calendar included, but as always you will get a version for the tablet, desktop and phone. You can download all the wallpapers at the end of…

Freebies Wallpaper

September 2016 wallpaper

For the September 2016 wallpaper I drew sunflowers and created a sunflower pattern. This time there are two versions for each tablet, desktop and phone: One version with a calendar for September and one version with only the pattern. You…

Freebies Wallpaper

August 2016 wallpaper

It is still summer time and summer time usually makes me think of the beach and the sea. So the August wallpaper comes with a sea theme: with fishes and corals. Also, the August 2016 wallpaper comes again in English and German…

Freebies Wallpaper

July 2016 wallpaper

Summer is here! Yaaay! To celebrate that a little, we created this month’s wallpaper with some palm trees and with a big yellow sun. Maybe the wallpaper can give you a warm summer feeling, even if you are somewhere where you don’t have a beach…

Freebies Wallpaper

June 2016 wallpaper

Happy June to you all! For the June 2016 wallpaper we used a photo and added some little doodles and a calendar. You can get an English and a German version for your desktop at the end of this post. With this…

Freebies Wallpaper

May 2016 wallpaper

A new month has begun; Welcome May! And for the beginning of this month I created a new free wallpaper for your computer, tablet and phone. This May 2016 wallpaper comes in English and German (so you can download either…

Freebies Wallpaper

Wallpaper – Earth laughs in flowers

The beautiful phrase Earth laughs in flowers comes from Ralph Waldo Emerson. I used it to create a free wallpaper and a free 8.5×11″ print for you. You can download the print sheet and the wallpaper for your computer, phone…

Wallpaper – You've got this
Freebies Wallpaper

Wallpaper – You’ve got this

For this week’s wallpaper I took some time to letter the phrase you’ve got this from a lettering challenge called #strokeswithlovejanuary from @swinlove. The challenge comes with a lot of really nice phrases and there are many people participating. If…

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