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Freebies Wallpaper

Wallpaper for February 2017

January passed so fast and we cannot believe it’s February already. But here it is, the new month and with it a new free wallpaper for you. Our wallpaper for February 2017 comes with the hand lettered phrase “oh, what…

Freebies Wallpaper

Wallpaper for January 2017

A new year has started. A new year with new hopes, dreams and adventures. Even with all the dramatic changes around the world, we hope for a year with happier news and with more love, kindness and compassion. Our wallpaper…

Freebies Postcard

Holiday folded cards and envelopes

Today’s freebies are a gift from us to all of you. At the end of the post you can find two free printable holiday folded cards and envelopes. You can print all of these files on your home printer or…

Freebies Wrapping

Pine pattern gift wrapping paper

Only a few more days until Christmas! Have you wrapped all your gifts? If not, here is a freebie for you, that might come in handy. At the end of this post you can download a printable pine pattern gift…

Freebies Wallpaper

December 2016 wallpaper

Can you believe it’s December already? The past month just passed so fast with our amazing Peru trip (maybe you saw some images in the stories of our Instagram account), but of course I made a new free wallpaper…

Freebies Wallpaper

November 2016 wallpaper

For the November 2016 wallpaper I worked with one of my photos and some tablet lettering and illustrating. This month’s wallpaper comes with a calendar and a version for the tablet, desktop and phone. You can download all the wallpapers at the end of…

Freebies Wallpaper

October 2016 wallpaper

For the October 2016 wallpaper I created and digitized a lettering piece. This time there is no calendar included, but as always you will get a version for the tablet, desktop and phone. You can download all the wallpapers at the end of…

Freebies Wrapping

Thank you tags and sunflower gift wrapping

Today’s freebies are printable thank you tags and sunflower gift wrapping paper. At the end of this post you will get the download links for two print sheets for wrapping paper and one print sheets for thank you tags. I hope that you…

Freebies Mini poster

Free printable signs – First Day of School

Today’s printable freebies are for the first day of school, preschool and kindergarten. I created the free printable signs (size 8,5 x 11 inches) with hand-drawn doodles, which I digitized and complemented with a font in a handwritten look. There is a…

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