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Birthday gift wrapping

Today’s freebies are freebies to create a nice birthday gift wrapping. At the end of this post you will get the download links for a print sheet for wrapping paper and two print sheets for Happy Birthday! tags. I hope that you will enjoy them!

Free print sheet for birthday gift wrapping paper and tags

Last week I wrapped several birthday gifts using my new wrapping paper and the happy birthday tags. The wrapping paper is based on the paper of the Easter gift wrapping paper. Since the paper is timeless you can also use the printable wrapping paper of the post Easter gift wrapping. Both work great for any occasion.

The birthday gift wrapping paper has watercolor dots in blue and green and the tag is in black and white. The lettering is made with a brush pen and black ink. It was scanned and digitalized for these tags. I created two print sheets for the tags in two different sizes. I used the big ones for my wrapped gifts and I used a tiny one to attach it to a glass of nuts. 

If you have been following our blog for a while you might know that I love putting candies in glasses to give them a nice packaging and then add a little tag to the glass. But you can put all kinds of things in the glass; nuts, tea, chocolate truffles, coffee, spices or jam. For my other glass packagings check out the photos from the post DIY dinosaur jar for Valentine’s Day and the post Easter gift wrapping.

Easy steps to get your tags ready:

  1. Print the sheet with the “Happy Birthday!” tags
    (preferably on thicker paper e.g. 150 g/m2)
  2. Cut along the outline
  3. Punch out the circle mark
  4. Cut a piece of twine or ribbon
  5. Attach the tag wherever you like


Download free 8,5 x 11 Birthday gift wrapping print sheet Download free 8,5 x 11 Happy Birthday tags print sheet Download free 8,5 x 11 Happy Birthday tags small print sheet

The wood texture used in this photo is from GraphicBurger

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