Apartment 406 Designs joins The Collective by Proper Post

We have again some exciting collaboration news: Apartment 406 Designs joins The Collective. The Collective is a new blog series by Proper Post. In that blog series you can find lots of topics in one place; lifestyle, recipes, DIY, beauty and more. There are 16 contributors to the blog series and we are thrilled to be one of them.

The blog series – The Collective

The Collective is a blog series organized by Proper Post. You will find blog posts on various topics, such as lifestyle, recipes, DIY, beauty and more. As of now there are sixteen contributors who will write articles for the blog series. There are already two articles published. Check out How to close the door on 2016 and Five resolutions you can actually make stick in 2017.

Apartment 406 Designs joins The Collective

We are super happy to announce this new collaboration as we are huge fans of Proper Post and we are super honored to be one of the contributors among so many amazing people. Check out the post by Proper Post on Instagram with the same image we used in this news article (thanks for letting us use it Proper Post :-). When you click on the image it will show you many of the contributing artists. I hope you follow along and check out all the fun topics you can find on the blog series The Collective.

About Proper Post

So first, a little bit about Proper Post. Proper Post is a monthly delivery with mainly beautiful stationary goods. Each month usually comes with a theme that unites all the items. Here are two images of packs that we ordered so you get an idea. You can check more details on the website. Their slogan is “Love and smiles delivered”, which I think is so true because the items are so lovely and unpacking your Proper Post package makes you smile.

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