Apartment 406 Designs is a place for creative things. We create designs for our products on Society6 and on Etsy, for our Instagram account and of course our blog mostly with hand lettered words or phrases and little illustrations. On Society6 you find our designs on a variety of products, like cups or phone cases, while we offer digital files in the form of PDFs for cards and prints on Etsy. On our blog you can find many free digital files that you can turn into lovely paper goods like cards, prints, wrapping paper or tags. Usually our posts on easy DIYs also include some detail with a free file to print. Welcome to apartment406designs.com!

The story behind the name Apartment 406 Designs

Apartment 406 in Medellín is a special place for us. It is the place where we started our little business. Many times we sat in the park across our apartment building, dreaming of our own business and shaping what it could be. Us, that is my wonderful partner in life Pablo and me, Mirjana.

We met several years ago in Spain as students, where we were both foreigners. Pablo is from Colombia and I am from Germany. Since then we have lived in various countries and places, together and apart. But the one place that has a special spot in our heart is Apartment 406 in Medellín. That was the first place that was not just a station on our journey, but a place where we created a home. Well, and the place where we decided to try to start our own business and work on our dream of working independent.

So the designs on the blog and in the shop come, with love, from Apartment 406.

A little bit about us

We are both designers. Pablo studied Design Engineering and I studied Graphic and Branding Design. We are passionate about design and handmade things and we love working together on creative projects. Mostly, Pablo’s part is being the consultant, the calm influence and the photographer, while my part is the creative chaos, worrying, creating the products and blog posts and sharing our journey.

We are very happy you are here – welcome to Apartment 406 Designs!


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