A little bit about Apartment 406 Designs

A little bit about Apartment 406 Designs

Apartment 406 in Medellín, Colombia, is a special place for us. Us, that is my partner in business and life Pablo and I. (In the photo you can see the door of Apartment number 406 and me, Pablo is the artist behind the camera.) When I arrived to Medellín to start a new chapter of our story, we decided to also start working on our dream of running a little business on our own. So in our Apartment number 406 we started creating designs for printable and other products and a blog, which means, all of our designs come, with love, from Apartment 406.

Apartment 406 Designs and big dreams

Many times we sat in the park across our apartment building, dreaming of what the business could be. The most wonderful outcome would be, if it could make us more mobile. In the sense, that we could live in both our home countries Germany and Colombia and wouldn’t have to choose between them. Our families and friends have been very supportive with everything and we hope that maybe one day that dream might come true.

As in every business we are constantly learning new things. We make mistakes and learn from them, we find out about things that do or don’t work and we keep facing good and not so good times. But we keep following our dream and adjusting to what is in our power.

For now it is all in English

Pablo and I speak in English with each other. When we met in Spain (we both went there to study, he came all the way from Colombia and I from Germany) my Spanish was not very good and I was grateful to make a friend who spoke English, since I managed that language far better than Spanish. And even though my Spanish and Pablo’s German got better, we always kept speaking English. It is the language in which we got to know each other and fell in love. And since it is also the language both our families speak (even if they both have taken classes to learn the other languages – they are just all so cute!), we chose it as our business language as well. At least for now. For custom designs we have worked both in German and Spanish as well and we might work with more languages in the future but for now it is English.

Our story has taken us from Spain to Germany and Colombia. We have lived in all three countries together and apart and together again always depending on what visa, studies, money and jobs would allow us. Apartment 406 was the first place where we could really build a home together.

Thank you all so much

We are very grateful for every single one of you, for all the love and support and kindness we have received and want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you for supporting Apartment 406 Designs!

So to thank you we are giving away a print, which is not (yet) available in any of our stores and you can download it for free using the following link. It features the little bunnies you all have liked a lot in a mini poster. You will be able to download it for a week for free. Happy Friday!

You can see more of our work on Instagram under @apartment406designs.

The free download time is over. The print is now available in our store on Society6. You can find it with several different background colors and on many different products like mugs, tote bags or pillow cases.



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