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September 2017

Freebies Wallpaper

Wallpaper for October 2017

On Sunday we start the new month October, so we have a new wallpaper for you. This month’s wallpaper comes with a hazelnut pattern. At the end of the post, you can download the Wallpaper for October 2017 for…


Apartment 406 Designs – Off to new adventures

Apartment 406 Designs moved and has a new home in a beautiful town in the region of Hannover in the north of Germany. So many things have happened in the past months and here is now a little update…

Freebies Wallpaper

Wallpaper for September 2017

It’s September, which means fall will officially start at the end of this month. It will be time again for sweaters and tea by the window. The free wallpaper for this month comes with rose hips, which make a…