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January 2017


Apartment 406 Designs joins The Collective by Proper Post

We have again some exciting collaboration news: Apartment 406 Designs joins The Collective. The Collective is a new blog series by Proper Post. In that blog series you can find lots of topics in one place; lifestyle, recipes, DIY, beauty…

Leaving the old year 2016 behind – A Colombian New Year´s tradition

Leaving the old year 2016 behind

In this post I would like to share a Colombian New Year’s tradition. It’s the tradition of burning the old year. The old year is represented by a human sized doll, which is usually made of cardboard, sawdust and cloth. This…


Interview of Apartment 406 Designs by Freubündel

Our collaboration with Freubündel continues this year and we are super excited about that. Check out the article Christmas collaboration of Apartment 406 Designs with Freubündel from last year to read a little more about our firstcollaboration with Freubündel. Since yesterday, Freubündel is introducing the brands of…

Freebies Wallpaper

Wallpaper for January 2017

A new year has started. A new year with new hopes, dreams and adventures. Even with all the dramatic changes around the world, we hope for a year with happier news and with more love, kindness and compassion. Our wallpaper…