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June 2016

Freebies Wallpaper

July 2016 wallpaper

Summer is here! Yaaay! To celebrate that a little, we created this month’s wallpaper with some palm trees and with a big yellow sun. Maybe the wallpaper can give you a warm summer feeling, even if you are somewhere where you don’t have a beach…

Freebies Wrapping

Father’s Day gift wrapping

Sunday is Father’s Day! In Germany we already celebrated Father’s Day a while back but for all of you who are going to celebrate it on Sunday, here are some printable freebies that you can use. At the end of…

Lettering and Tutorials

Lettering supplies

There are so many papers, pens and brushes that you can use for lettering. Today I want to share with you the lettering supplies that I have been using and that I really like. Plus, at the end of…

Freebies Wallpaper

June 2016 wallpaper

Happy June to you all! For the June 2016 wallpaper we used a photo and added some little doodles and a calendar. You can get an English and a German version for your desktop at the end of this post. With this…